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Build Your Personal Brand and Level up Your Career with a Professional CV


Our previous clients include professionals, senior management and c-level leaders at some of the world’s most iconic companies. We’ve worked across all major sectors including finance, marketing and communications, sales, supply chain management, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, transportation, logistics, education, technology and general management.  



With more than 8 years of experience leading multiple CV writing agencies across the region, Samantha Saw is an industry expert who asks the right questions to create compelling, outcome-focused documents that help you stand out!



Based in Singapore we also offer a network of trained writers who deliver in-market expertise in Hong Kong and Australia to support clients to grow their global careers.



Samantha Saw is currently the only Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) in Singapore and is a member of the Asia Pacific Career Development Association.



We work with clients to build influence, boost credibility and open doors to opportunities by harnessing the power of LinkedIn and social media. Tailored specifically to your needs we can create or curate content to shape your personal brand online.



Our bespoke and contemporary resumes not only look good, more importantly, they are designed to perform in Resume Parsing and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). We optimise your content to be keyword rich to help you reach the top of the pile. 

Career support services tailored to your needs



We craft documents and powerful career narratives that demonstrate how you have created successful outcomes in previous roles.



We help connect you to opportunities. With 92% of hiring managers using LinkedIn to find talent and vet candidates, it has never been more important to develop a profile that propels your career.



Through our exploratory conversations, we help you identify your personal brand and value proposition by shining a light on the unique constellation of skills, experiences and attributes that you bring to the table.



We want you to thrive. If you’re navigating uncertainty or a career change, our targeted coaching sessions can help you build the confidence to chart a course towards change and growth.

Across all industries, our clients have one thing in common. Success.

From the change-makers to the dream weavers, the growth champions and the innovators, our clients are aspiring or successful industry leaders from the world’s biggest players including:

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It's not just our clients that like our work. We've been featured by

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Professional CV and Resume Writing Service Singapore.

Investing in a professional CV is a smart investment in your career. In a competitive market like Singapore, and across the globe, how you present yourself can open doors, provide opportunities and elevate your potential. Our executive CV writing service not only presents your skills, experience and personal attributes flawlessly but increases your chances of landing interviews for the jobs you want.

A highly effective CV is much more than a typed list of previous responsibilities. In our experience, and the experience of our clients, a professionally written CV that provides evidence on how you have contributed in previous roles is a passport to career opportunities. By reframing previous activities into accomplishments, we demonstrate why you are the right person for the job. 

What our clients say.

I was recently approached to apply for a role and when I opened my resume I realised that I needed to start from scratch. Having limited time, I sought help from Samantha Saw. Her professionalism and understanding of the previous roles I had held and the role I was applying for were immediately identifiable.

Reviewing what was completed by Samantha made me realise how off track I had been and how little I had sold myself, something that I am sure many people struggle with. The time frame that I had given Samantha was extremely ambitious and to turn around such quality work was exemplary.

I highly recommend contacting Samantha to help you. This is something that everyone should invest in and something that once you have completed is easy to build on. I was always hesitant sending the old version of my resume through to recruiters or directly to companies as I knew it was not up to scratch, something that I no longer feel. Thanks so much Samantha for your help and for contributing to my success!

Stephen Mulligan

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